Living an Extraordinary Life...Unlocking Your Potential for Success, Joy and Fullfillment!

Learn to live the life you were born to live!!!
Living an Extraordinary Life  
  • No rules, nothing theoretical, no memorizing, no ten tips
    or habits or 101 ways
  • Based on over one million “real life” seminar and
    life experiences
  • It’s about what’s important—our relationships, family, career, personal identity and joy in living.

Based on intensive work with over one million people worldwide, this book demonstrates that we all have everything it takes to live an extraordinary life – if we are willing to take charge of our lives and discover the true meaning of personal responsibility. (click here to read more about “Living an Extraordinary Life”)

John Denver

“Robert White has made a real difference in my life and in the lives of thousands of people around the world.  I am grateful and recommend his work without hesitation.”

(the late) John Denver
Singer, songwriter and activist

John Denver

“I have benefited from Robert's experience, insight and wisdom for a number of years.  One of Robert's great gifts is helping others live an extraordinary life.  He has captured his gift in the pages of this book to the benefit of all of us that read it.  I personally found it to be of such great value that I have sent many copies to my clients.  A book really has to be of the highest value for me to personally endorse it, send it to my clients and put my credibility on the line.  Living an Extraordinary Life always hits the mark.”

William Adams
CEO, Maxcomm Inc.

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What readers say about
Living an Extraordinary Life
by Robert White:

“Living an Extraordinary Life is an extraordinary book! This will have a positive impact on your life and on the lives of others when you read it.”

Ken Blanchard
The One Minute Manager & Gung Ho!

“This book is a complete tool-kit of simple procedures on how to go within and learn how to experience an ‘extra’ ordinary life. A must read if you are desirous of becoming a happy and successful person.”

Alexander Everett
founder of Mind Dynamics,
Pioneer in the Human Potential Movement and author, Inward Bound

“Simple truths. We need to go back to these common sense ideas that work so well…it is the sleeper of the decade.”

John St. Augustine
host, PowerTalk Radio

“An outstanding read!!! If you want a breakthrough in your personal and professional life, this is a must. Robert White’s personal potency and writing style will help anyone get more of what they want out of life.”

Hyler Bracey
Founder, The Atlanta Consulting Group and co-author, Managing from the Heart

“A powerful, simple and clearly written book about important guidelines to life.”

Jerry Jampolsky M.D.
Author, Love is Letting Go of Fear

“It does what it says it does! Flow is easy, examples good and the questions profoundly useful.”

Harrison Owen
Creator of Open Space Methodology and author, The Power of Spirit:
How Organizations Transform

“It's simple. It's impactful. It works. Don't just read it. Do it!”

Tom Crum
Author, Journey to Center and The Magic of Conflict

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